There are countless possibilities for hiking in the mountains, ranging from short afternoon getaways to trips over several days. The area is a natural gateway to Stølsheimen, a national preservation area that stretches between Sognefjorden in the north and the Voss mountains in the south with the Masfjorden mountains in the west and Vikafjellet to the east. There are several unmanned cabins in the area that are run by the Bergen Mountain Touring Association, and can be used by all hikers. Since it is a relatively short distance between the cabins, Stølsheimen is well suited for trips with the whole family.

Støsheimen, just like the mountains in the immediate vicinity, has a wide selection of marked trails. These are a good starting point for enjoying the dramatic mountains along Sognefjorden as well as the mountain plains and valleys in the south. Allowing oneself time to venture into these mountains will surely leave lasting memories, and a break from the everyday hassle.



Fishing has long traditions in the area, and although the motivation for most fishing today is recreational, it was a necessity for the people in the local villages. Vamråk was one of the finest spots for salmon fishing in the county, and the salmon provided an important extra income.

Today the area offers great fishing for keen fishermen, and one can go fishing in the fjords, rivers and lakes. Sognefjorden has variety of fish: cod, trout, mackerel, halibut, salmon, catfish, ling, herring and many others. There is always fish to catch, but what one ends up catching varies with regard to the time of year, fishing gear, location and naturally one’s luck.



The fjords and mountains are natural venues for many activities as soon as the sun peeks over the mountaintops in early spring. A sure sign that summer is approaching is when winter skies are put in the garage, and the water skis are prepared for new rounds on the fjord. Kayaks and canoes are equally excellent means of exploring the fjord.

Although scuba diving is a year-round activity, it is not without reason that scuba divers are more frequent sight during summer. Besides the more comfortable climate, the life in the fjord is more vibrant and good sunlight allows insight to the exotic life under the water surface. With a harpoon as part of your equipment you will have a good possibility of catching a wide variety of fish, especially fish that are not so easy to get with a fishing rod – catfish, halibut and flounder fishing.

If one seeks more land-based activities the many forest roads and trails in the area well suited for mountain biking. Maybe you prefer asphalt on the roads – then you can look forward to many great trips on the bike with varying degrees of difficulty – cycling along Sognefjorden or tough climbs in the local mountains. With a longboard you can enjoy newly paved roads in the local mountains, but this high-speed activity is not recommended for beginners.



The mountains in the area perfect for cross-country skiing in untouched nature. There are several ways to get to this terrain, one can walk the first part of the trip with the skies on the back, or make use of a variety of motorized vehicles.

With the short distance to Siplo Ski Resort on the north side of the fjord and Stordal Ski Resort on the south side, Vamråk also has immediate access to a selection of prepared cross-country skiing trails, ski lifts for children and downhill slopes towards Sognefjorden that will really get the adrenaline pumping.



In Høyanger there are pool facilities for the whole family, and during summer there is also access to an outdoor pool. It is also possible to take part in numerous sporting competitions such as the local “stair climb”, how fast can you climb 1,268 steps?

On the south side of the fjord a sport field is available for the general public with the opportunity to play football, volleyball and other sports. While older children and adults may want to use the sports field, younger children can use the well-equipped playground which is close by.




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